CM – Cate Campbell reveals fear of melanoma on Instagram


SWIMMING world record holder Cate Campbell revealed how she avoided life-threatening fear of melanoma

A month after winning the Olympic swimmer of the year award, Campbell detailed how she was diagnosed with stage one melanoma

« Holy Moley! A friendly reminder to everyone to have their skin checked! Campbell said on social media

« Last week I finally went for a late skin exam (because skin exams seem to be one of those things that are always late) and found out I had stage melanoma 1

« No panic, he was safely removed, but he developed into a mole that I had had my whole life (my nickname as a child was Many Moles) »

The revelation comes two years after fellow swimmer Mack Horton revealed how he had a mole removed at a fan’s suggestion

Melanoma is believed to be the fourth most common cancer in Australia, claiming the lives of around 1,500 people each year

After posting a photo of a long scar on her right arm, Campbell said she would return to the pool this week

Scare ends a successful year for the 26-year-old, who broke the world record in the 100m freestyle short course this year after taking off from 2017

Campbell won three gold and one silver at the Gold Coast Commonwealth Games and five gold at the Pan Pacific Championships

Campbell and his sister Bronte followed coach Simon Cusack from Brisbane to Sydney earlier this year to prepare for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics

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CM – Cate Campbell reveals fear of melanoma on Instagram


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