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Mr. Carlson has been one of the network's top-rated hosts for many years.
Democratic congresswoman says apology to voting machines maker would have served the public good
The settlement with Dominion Voting Systems was the latest extraordinary twist in a case that exposed the inner workings of the most powerful voice in conservative news.
Atlanta and New York were also finalists. Republicans will hold their convention in Milwaukee.
Former President Donald Trump has verbally attacked two district attorneys and an attorney general, all of whom are investigating him.
"This is a free market, we are a free market economy, you should be able to participate," said the House spokesman.
The Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee released a comprehensive report on Thursday that they believed had evidence of former President Donald Trump and a top Justice Department attorney's attempt to overturn the 2020 presidential election.
Le PDG de MyPillow a retiré les publicités du réseau, après qu'il aurait rejeté la diffusion d'une publicité répétant ses allégations de fraude électorale.
Le PDG de MyPillow est poursuivi pour diffamation par Dominion Voting Systems pour ses allégations concernant les élections de 2020.