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. . The. Lynn Wood and his attorneys appear in federal court Thursday over his federal civil complaint against Georgia's Secretary of State Brad Ravensberger and other state officials about the dealings.
Rudy Giuliani, former New York City mayor, Seinfeld guest star, and Marlins Mann, held a press conference this morning to discuss the president's topic.
The 89X is now Pure Country and the river is now Virgin Radio
. . OPP source confirmed a shooting occurred on Manitoline Island on Thursday and Ontario Provincial Police is asking the public to avoid the Gore Bay area as officers respond to the incident.
. . The station made the switch on Thursday noon after 29 years as the new rock station.
. . Colorado Springs, Colorado. (KRDO) - Nearly three years after announcing it, In-N-Out Burger opens its first location in Colorado this week. The restaurant in northern Colorado Springs opened on Friday, along with the location in Aurora, according to a company statement Thursday morning.. . In-N-Out will open at 10 AM. M. Advertising
. . One day after announcing that it would unveil an entirely new format, the former alternative radio station for rock band 89X announced that it is now, `` Pure Country 89.. "