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Doctors with UW Health say everyone should take precaution and limit time outdoors over the next few days.
An awareness that the air around you isn’t fit to breathe can be a uniquely alarming sensation. It is also likely to become more common.
This week's rainfall likely won't be enough to extinguish the wildfires in northern Quebec, but the wet weather could give firefighters a chance to get ahead of the flames, officials said Tuesday.
Wildfires burning through large swathes of eastern and western Canada have released a record 160 million tonnes of carbon, the EU's Copernicus Atmospheric Monitoring Service said on Tuesday.
Smoke from Canada’s wildfires reaches western Europe; “Will make for some vivid sunrises and sunsets†- UK Met Office
Current weather conditions could worsen forest fires in Quebec and spark new ones, the Minister of Public Security said Saturday morning.
Strong winds blew outdoor furniture into a pool at a resort on Alabama’s Gulf Coast as severe thunderstorms continued in the region on Friday, June 16.Footage filmed by Gabriella Thompson shows stormy conditions at a resort in Orange Beach on Friday morning.Winds up to 70 mph and quarter-size hail were forecasted for the area on Friday morning, the National Weather Service warned. Credit: Gabriella Thompson via Storyful
With outdoor air quality dropping, HVAC experts explain how to set your AC to recirculate – and why you might want to make the change