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. . Sixième jour du calendrier de l'Avent Epic Games. Après Cities Skyline, Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty, The Long Dark et. . .
Epic Games' list of 15 Free Games has appeared, and the lineup has some amazing tips to keep you entertained about the vacation
. . On the sixth day of the Giveaway Festival at the Epic Games Store, you can request Metro 2033 Redux for free. The haunting Sagittarius leads the players into post-apocalyptic Moscow.
. . The recently leaked list of games featured in Epic Games' giveaway promo is considered "legitimate" because it was accurate over the past five days, a report said.
. . The Epic Games Store is giving away 15 days of free games for 15 days as part of its Holiday Sale 2020 blowout and giving everyone a $ 10 voucher.
. . The Epic Games Store is offering one free game per day for a limited time. The latest is available now.
. . Okay, so the rumor about what was to be offered during the Epic Games Store Christmas present didn't come up. But more importantly, fo