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Steelers vs. Raiders just got more exciting for fans as one of the most famous rappers among Gen-Z , Lil Wayne is performing at halftime.
Lil Wayne, one of the most influential hip-hop artists of his generation, will take the Allegiant Stadium mainstage at halftime of Sunday night’s game.
American Idol judge Luke Bryan gave fans an update about his "frustrating weekend" after having to cancel three shows.
The game show has demonstrated remarkable durability even as traditional television has declined in the wake of streaming entertainment.
Luke Bryan is planning to take a much-needed step back from work after what he describes as a “rough year.”
Katy Perry showed off her new bangs haircut in an Instagram video while promoting her non-alcoholic drink brand, and some fans had to do a double take! The Grammy winner is no stranger to epic hair transformations (from blonde pixie cuts to long, wav...