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Selon les chrétiens, Saint Andrews était l'un des 12 disciples choisis par Jésus. (Image : Shutterstock) La fête de la Saint-André célébrée le 30 novembre marque le début de la dévotion de l'Avent de la Neuvaine de Noël de...
. . The Scots celebrate on 30. November the Andreas Day. Every year a bank holiday - marked in today's Google Doodle - the memory of the apostle is toasted on a Friday in 2018, the date on which a long weekend is granted and which invites the celebration. But who was the country's patron saint and how is he connected to the home of Robert Burns, Sir Walter Scott, and Irn-Bru? Andrew was born 6 BC. Chr. Born and was a in the village of Bethsaida on the Sea of ​​Galilee. . .
. . People, businesses and charities in Scotland have come together to lead the way to today's St. Andrew's Day, the 30th. November to create a wave of friendliness. The A Million Words of Kindness project is ...
. Hundreds of people, businesses, and charities have come together to create in advance of today's St. Andrew's Day to create a wave of kindness.
. . ST Andrew's Day 2020 will be a very different affair than in previous years due to Covid. Most of us celebrate from home and online.
. . Highlanders are asked to attend the St. Andrew's Day generate a million words of kindness.
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