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Cooking lobsters while they are alive is banned in the UK following strong scientific evidence that it can cause pain, suffering and harm.
A group of about 100 hippos, the descendants of hippos that belonged to the late drug lord Pablo Escobar, have been recognized as legal entities in the United States.
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According to the police, colts, mares, pregnant mares, geldings and mares with foals died as a result of multiple gunshot wounds.
Peter V'landys' claim that he was defamed in an ABC report on animal cruelty in the horse racing industry was dismissed in federal court on Friday.
Associate Professor Mark Trotter said the development of digital infrastructures and tools is a "really critical issue".
The latest report from The Athletic suggests that Russell Wilson believes Pete Carroll is not answering anyone in Seattle.
A rooster equipped with a knife for an illegal cockfight has killed its owner in Telangana and started a manhunt for the organizers of the event, police said on Saturday.
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