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. . The Denver Broncos don't have quarterbacks. The San Francisco 49ers have no home stadium or practice area. The COVID-19 pandemic caused major disruptions in the NFL on Saturday, once again challenging the league's plan to play a full schedule after several weeks that went relatively smoothly.
. . ENGLEWOOD, Colo. (AP) - The Denver Broncos won't have any of their four quarterbacks available on Sunday when they take on the New Orleans Saints over coronavirus concerns, several people familiar with the NFL's investigation told The Associated Press. One person told The AP that starter Drew Lock, backup Brett Rypien, and training team veteran Blake Bortles were considered high-risk close ties with No. . 3 Quarterback Jeff Driskel on Wednesday, the day before Driskel tested positive for COVID-19. Another person, who also spoke on condition of anonymity to discuss the sensitive issue, said the four quarterbacks did not appear to be wearing their masks all the time, as the league's pandemic protocols dictated. People spoke to The AP on condition of anonymity because the NFL and Broncos made no announcements after Lock, Rypien and Bortles were ordered from the practice field into isolation on Saturday. The Broncos battled it out to prepare rookie receivers Kendall Hinton and No.. Royce Freeman runs back to share snaps on quarterback Sunday when Denver (4-6) receives the Saints (8-2). . Hinton was the college quarterback for three seasons and Freeman is the team's emergency QB. The NFL gave the Broncos permission to train on Thanksgiving after Driskel tested positive for the virus, and again on Friday after kick-returner Deontae Spencer along with two employees tested positive. However, coach Vic Fangio decided to close the building on Friday and the team held meetings remotely. Lock, Rypien and Bortles loosened up before Saturday's brief walkthrough when they were pulled off the field and sent home. They must be quarantined for several days and must continue next week to return. . .
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Englewood, Colo (Associated Press) - Denver Broncos avoiding a long-running goal attempt last weekend is still debated, and not just by bewildered fans and baffled radio hosts. Kicker Brandon McManus shared on social media Thursday to question his own teams' coach's assertion of He performed poorly in pre-match training in Atlanta, which is why Tom McMahon was discouraging McMahon’s 58-yard attempt, which made five of six attempts from over 50 yards this season, coach Vic Fangio said after Bronco's 34 loss. -27 On Sunday he wants to send his first player to try to score the long field goal in the first quarter, but McMahon pulled him out during a hiatus. Instead, the Bronco hit a 41st Falcons while trailing 3-0. “I had a strong urge to try it,” Fangio said, “I think it could have been 58 or 59 yards.” Tom got me out of it and I had a push strong enough that I wanted Thinking about it so much that I called timeout McMahon was asked to explain his advice during a Zoom call with reporters on Thursday, and his responses, followed by McManus' reaction, led to more conspiracies over the much-discussed decision, McMahon said, “Well, the important thing - what I'm doing is. Advise Vic on Brandon's whereabouts during pre-match with a distance, and the coach makes that decision from there`` My biggest job is when I see a stand like that distance at the 42-yard line, the 39-yard line, and the 44-yard line, where I have to participate, I give him my advice in this case, think about it and make the decision to kick the ball, '' McMahon said. Mercedes-Benz has nothing to do with the call to send gambler Sam Martin to the stadium instead of McManus "No, I don't think that