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Two big games are coming up in Kaunas with Olympiacos and Monaco facing off for a 10th time in their history, while Barcelona and Real Madrid are back for one more "Clasico"
. . What are the three possibilities that will drop further in the big boards in the 2020 NBA draft category that could be true high-ceilinged jewel finds for the Chicago Bulls? Unless you are. . .
. . The Chicago Bulls found themselves in the lottery project for the third year in a row, but instead of getting no. Pick # 7 again, the Bulls climbed three places and they'll have a fourth overall choice in this year's draft. Some across the league feel this draft isn't particularly great, especially after the expected top three players - Lamilo Ball, Anthony Edwards and James Wiseman - quickly become out of the game..
. . Sam Smith highlights the storylines of Wednesday's NBA draft as we still have to figure out who is targeting the bulls, as well as who goes without. 1 in general. Could the fate of the Bulls depend once again on Michael Jordan? So it could be in one of the most unpredictable NBA draft weeks remembered.
. . The Chicago Bulls have until December 21 to decide whether or not Lori Markanin deserves to extend his rookie contract. To be extended or not. . .