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Check live updates on Surya Grahan October 2023, Date and Time in India, solar eclipse October 2023. The event of an eclipse in the solar system may be astronomical, but according to astrology, its benefits and losses have far-reaching consequences. There are four eclipses this year. In which, the solar eclipse (Surya Grahan 2023) occurring ... Read more
Starting today, October 1, the 2023-2024 cold front season officially begins in Yucatan, which will extend until May 15 and will generate some low temperatures, as well as moderate to strong rains during the following months, according to the Institutional Committee for the Attention of Extreme Meteorological Phenomena (Ciafeme) of the Autonomous University of Yucatán
Spider lightning illuminated the night sky in Pennsylvania on Thursday, September 7, as the National Weather Service (NWS) issued a severe thunderstorm warning for the region.Slow-motion footage taken by Oliver Knapton shows forks of lightning sprawling across the sky in Delta, near Pennsylvania’s southeastern border with Maryland, on Thursday.Sharing the video on X, Knapton wrote, “Best lightning show I’ve ever seen.” Credit: Oliver Knapton via Storyful
More than 19 million acres of land have burned across Canada since the start of the year, marking the country's worst wildfire season on record.
A plume of smoke and soot stretches for thousands of miles from the province of Quebec province across the Atlantic Ocean, as seen in satellite images from NASA.
A French unmanned robot and a British submariner have joined the search for the missing submersible Titan, which was carrying five passengers. The submersible was visiting and documenting the Titanic wreckage when it disappeared.
Frantic search for submarine extended today amid warnings five on board may have 50 hours of oxygen left