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The plane experienced a technical fault, possibly resulting in a mid-air explosion, before plummeting into Peter Farm in the Zvamahande region of Zimbabwe. Randhawa and his son were killed in the plane crash.
A small plane crashed into a home in Newberg on Tuesday night, killing one person and injuring another inside the plane, according to Tualatin Valley Fire & Res
A plane crashed into the roof of a home in Newberg and two people in the plane were injured, according to Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue.Firefighters said no one
Thanks to the pilots clever manoeuvring, the plane dodged firstly United Flight 175, which went on to strike the World Trade Center, and then Flight 93, which crashed in Pennsylvania
A gender reveal party turned deadly after a small plane nosedived and killed the pilot in front of cheering guests - who were oblivious to the tragedy that unfolded above their heads.
The Lebanese army says an army helicopter crashed during a training mission in a forest east of Beirut, killing two crew members and injuring one
A fire rescue helicopter crashed in Broward County, Florida on Monday, with first responders rushing at least two people to a nearby hospital.
The Broward Sheriff's Office chopper can be seen smoking and weaving in the air before ultimately spinning and breaking apart.