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. . La Banque du Canada an annoncé mercredi le wartien de son taux directeur à son niveau plancher de 0.25%.
. . The bills that are worthless on transactions other than coin collecting are: $ 1, $ 2, $ 25, $ 500, and the 1st. $ 000 note that hasn't been printed in decades.
The Bank of Canada said on Wednesday that it expects its key rate to remain at an all-time low until 2023 when the second wave of the epidemic is expected to have a stronger impact than expected on short-term economic growth.
The Bank of Canada kept its key interest rate on hold on Wednesday as it said the country's economy would not fully recover what was lost by COVID-19 before 2022, with the route to getting there depending on the trajectory of the pandemic
Canada's initial rebound from the pandemic-related economic crisis was stronger than expected, but the second wave is poised to trigger a "more pronounced" short-term slowdown, the Bank of Canada said on Wednesday, as '' it again kept its key interest rate stable
Associated title : - The Bank of Canada guarantees its key rate at 0.25% - Bank of Canada keeps its key rate at 0 , 25% - ...
The Bank of Canada held its key rate at 0.25% on Wednesday, which it still sees as a floor
Bank of Canada keeps key rate at 0.25%, adds quantitative easing program
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