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Bangladesh's Foreign Minister AK Abdul Momen said on Thursday that the first-time adjustment of the UN resolution on Rohingyas by consensus was a ...
More than 19,000 of the 1.1 million Rohingya refugees in southern Bangladesh have already been relocated to the island of Bhasan Char by the government.
. . A second group of Rohingya Muslim refugees is moving to a low-lying island in the Bay of Bengal, despite opposition from rights groups worried about the new location's vulnerability to flooding.
. . Bangladesh transported. December in the first phase of a controversial planned relocation of 100. 000 people more than 1. 600 Rohingya refugees on a low-lying island. Almost a million Rohingya - most of whom fled a military offensive in neighboring Myanmar three years ago - live in poor camps in southeastern Bangladesh. A return to Myanmar seems unlikely for the time being.
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