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House Republicans have suggested that President Biden used an email alias to abuse his office and cover it up, but an initial tranche of the messages reveals banal content and personal information.
This is the 11th time Commander has bitten a guard at the White House or the Biden family home.
Elizabeth Tsurkov, who has Israeli and Russian citizenship, was abducted in March while doing research in Iraq “simply because she is Jewish and Israeli,” the two senators said.
Under intense political pressure from fellow Democrats, the Biden administration has announced it is granting protection to hundreds of thousands of Venezuelans who are already in the country
The move, announced late Wednesday, followed intense lobbying by New York Democrats before and during President Biden’s visit to New York City this week.
The move Wednesday to give Venezuelans who arrived in the country as of July 31, 2023 temporary protected status essentially makes it much easier and faster for them to get authorization to work in the U.S.
La réaction de Poutine face aux accusations de Biden Le récent discours du président américain Joe Biden qualifiant Vladimir Poutine de "tueur" a déclenché une vive réaction de la part du président russe. Dans une conférence de presse, Poutine a...
Senior Republican Kevin McCarthy says the inquiry will investigate allegations of abuse of power.