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. . Hillsborough County Fire Rescue Crews said a worker had been rushed to the hospital for treatment for serious injuries.
. . In a Facebook post, Big Cat Rescue said volunteer Candy Couser attempted to open a feed door - in violation of Big Cat Rescue's protocols.
. . A person at Carole Baskin's Big Cat Rescue shelter in Tampa, Florida was hospitalized with a "serious" injury after being bitten by a tiger Thursday morning. PIO Eric Seidel of Hillsborough County...
. . Canine distemper virus (CDV) causes serious illness in domestic dogs and also infects other carnivores, including threatened species such as the Amur tiger. Domestic dogs are often thought to be the main source of CDV, but a new study from Cornell University College of Veterinary Medicine found that other local wildlife was instead the main source of transmission of CDV to tigers.
. . Mackenzie, a young hunter, comes face to face with a cougar in the woods in Junison, Colorado, earlier this month.. Video captured the intense confrontation between her and the roaring mountain lion.
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