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. . K-pop Sensation BTS was releasing their much-anticipated new album on Friday, following the historic success of their all-English single "Dynamite".
Related title : - BTS / JIMIN reveals about SUGA under medical treatment "I want to meet you ..." - BTS / JIMIN reports live on" BANGTAN TV "SUGA who is undergoing shoulder surgery...
BTSã ®SUGA㠌㠀 è ‚© ã ®æ ‰‹ è¡ “ã‚'å —ã 'å® ‰ é ™ ã ¨ä¼'æ ¯ã‚'㠨㠣 㠦ㄠ㠂‹ ã “ 㠨㠌6æ— ¥ ã € å… ¬å¼ ム• ァンコミム¥ ム‹ãƒ † ã‚ £ ã «ã ¦ç ™ ºè¡¨ã • れ㠟㠀‚ SUGAã ¯å½ “åˆ † ã ®é– “ã € ä¸ € 部㠮ス゠± ジム¥ ーム«ã‚'é ™ ¤ã„ ã Ÿå¤§éƒ¨åˆ † ã ®å… ¬å¼ æ ´ »å‹ • ã «å‚ åŠ ã ›ã šã € å› žå¾ © ã «å °‚ 念㠙 ã ‚‹ 予定ã 㠨㠄㠆 ã €‚is
Related title : - ] BTS SUGA devoted to surgery on left shoulder for the time being -<a href="/?s=BTS ・ SUGA, surgery announced Considering military service ... For the time being recovery without...
BTS's SUGA takes a break from most activities after his shoulder surgery On November 6, Big Hit Entertainment revealed that SUGA had surgery to repair a torn shoulder on the 3rd, and he decided to undergo surgery...
K-pop star Suga underwent surgery on November 3 to repair his torn shoulder labrum and is currently recovering
Big Hit Entertainment informs BTS's Suga has had shoulder surgery and assures fans that he will come back healthy Bollywood News: Latest Bollywood News, Bollywood News Today, Bollywood Celebrity News, Latest news, Celebrity News, Celebrity News, Bollywood Hindi News, Bollywood Hindi News at Bollywood Hungamacom
It has been revealed that BTS’ Suga received surgery for his shoulder In an official statement released on November 6, Big Hit Entertainment shared that Suga underwent surgery to repair his torn shoulder labrum on November 3 He decided to receive surgery in preparation for his mandatory military service as well as his career afterwards,
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