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A state of emergency has been declared in the municipal district of Bighorn, west of Cochrane as crews continue to fight a wildfire The wildfire, north of Canmore, has gone from controlled to out of control The wildfire is in Devil's Head Forest Preserve The fire was started by an abandoned campfire and has been burning for weeks It had been contained, but as of this morning the blaze is now located 12 miles away West Hamlet of Benchlands According to the Alberta Emergency Alert, residents of the following areas should be prepared to evacuate Richard's Road Highway 40 Waiparous Summer Village Benchlands Richard's and Pears Road Ghost Country Place West Jamieson Road
The municipal district of Bighorn west of Calgary has reported a wildfire which is out of control The fire burning at Devil's Head has gone from being held out of control at 3:40 a.m. The...
A local state of emergency has been declared in the municipal district of Bighorn, in the foothills west of Calgary, near the mountain parks, as a wildfire spirals out of control
BIGHORN (660 NEWS) - Bighorn chief executive declared local state of emergency as wildfire now runs out of control Forest fire in Devil's Head went from being held to out of control Tuesday morning state forest fire Bighorn Municipal District, AB https: // tco / lUCA8KwLLJ - MD of Bighorn (@MDofBighorn) October 6, 2020…
The alert warned that the wildfire was about 12 miles west of Benchlands, with Altaet moving southeast, posing a potential threat to people in the area
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