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China's first domestically produced passenger jet made its maiden commercial flight on Sunday, a milestone event in the nation's decades-long effort to compete with Western rivals in the air.
A 25-year aviation industry veteran is set to launch a new Australian airline next year that promises to fly the routes others forget - with Perth to Byron Bay being one of them.
. . Samya Stumo came on the morning of the 10th. March 2019 after a long flight from at Bole International Airport in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to Washington, D. . C.. . ...
. . The number of daily deaths from the Corona virus was set a world record, and Twitter launched a new feature where the nomination of Shelton to the Federal Reserve was banned in the Senate and other news to start your day.
. . After nearly two years of scrutiny, corporate turmoil and confrontation with global regulators, the Boeing Co is set to win approval on Wednesday from the United States.. . s. The Federal Aviation Administration will fly its 737 MAX again after a fatal disaster.