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. . The actor and author tells of the family, the art of living and learning from moments of break.
. . What Matthew McConaughey, the star of the Dallas Buyers Club, first said when he saw Camila Alves in a lounge in West Hollywood.
. . Matthew McConaughey responded to former co-star Kate Hudson about a kiss on the screen in the hit 2008 movie Fool's Gold, ravaged by mucus. .
. . The family finally ate the fruit the plant carried after nine years, and in an interview on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, Matthew insisted it was one of the best mangoes he had ever had..
. . Matthew McConaughey tells Ellen DeGeneres how he and his wife Camilla Alves used her placenta to grow a mango tree.. During a virtual appearance on her show on Monday, DeGeneres was left shocked when McConaughey told her how well the couple used the placenta.. He shares, "One of the best mangoes I have ever eaten . . .
Matthew McConaughey explained how the iconic "good, good, good" lines came to be, saying they came out of an unscripted scene in the 1993 film "Dazed and Confused"
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