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ESSAI - Abarth 500e : Une Abarth 100% électrique ? Vraiment ?
Teslas are easy to drive, it’s charging the battery that’s a tad more difficult.
Fortum Charge & a Drive India Pvt Ltd (Fortum C& D), a leading provider of EV charging services, has a MoU with Charge Zone, a technology-focused electric vehicle charging infrastructure company (based in India ) to provide an EV user with access to larger EV charging networks operated by two companies, ”it said in a statement.
L'Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act de 2021 a adopté vendredi les deux chambres législatives du gouvernement américain, et ses dispositions pour quelque 7,5 milliards de dollars (5,5 milliards de livres sterling) dans l'infrastructure de recharge des véhicules électriques...
The company recently signed a pact with another state-owned company, Convergence Energy Services Limited, to set up a charging infrastructure in some of its filling stations.
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Six major US utility companies have formed the Electric Highway Coalition to bring DC fast chargers to the streets in their utility areas.