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A group of golfers in Australia were shocked when they were joined by a giant crab for a round - and one of their clubs broke in half.
Un crabe géant a détruit le chauffeur d'un golfeur sur un parcours en Australie... et la vidéo de la scène est sauvage.
The plight of the Murugappan family, whose home in the town of Biloela, Queensland was ransacked by immigration authorities in 2018, has captured the heart of the nation.
The company wants to interrupt payment in the restaurant with QR codes that guests can use to pay faster.
Kristina Keneally has accused Peter Dutton of "canceling" her trip to Christmas Island at the last minute in a series of angry tweets, describing the move as "pathetic". Labor Senator Ms. Keneally said Mr Dutton canceled her trip to...
The 22-year-old woman arrived in Western Australia on February 7 and was forced to quarantine herself for 14 days.