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Let's take a look at how this 56-year-old Indian engineer, who runs one of the biggest IT companies became a global icon.
Amazon posted its strongest earnings beat since the end of 2020, and gave upbeat guidance for the third quarter.
Amazon investors will be focused on cloud revenue growth, retail margins and commentary around artificial intelligence in the company's earnings report.
Tech titans Google and Microsoft announced better then expected earnings on Tuesday as the frenzy over artificial intelligence stokes investor excitement and breathes a new life into the sector.
Alors que les prix des équipements dédiés aux infrastructures cloud sont en hausse au premier trimestre 2023, la demande en infrastructures cloud chute de
The Steam Deck is a powerful handheld gaming console with a battery. If you're wondering if it's safe to leave it plugged in overnight; here's what we know.
Steam Cloud is a useful way to maintain your game progress, but it sometimes has problems. Here's how to fix the Steam Deck cloud sync error.
The outage is being resolved and affected web services for some fast food apps, airlines and others.
Amazon’s cloud computing unit Amazon Web Services is experiencing an outage on Tuesday, affecting publishers who suddenly found themselves unable to operate their sites as former President Donald Trump was appearing in court in Miami.