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Erick Erickson | GOP populists maneuver Speaker McCarthy into a big-spending continuing resolution
Speaker Kevin McCarthy faces his biggest test since the debt ceiling showdown as right-wing Republicans demand deep spending cuts and tougher border policies opposed by the White House and Senate.
A gun safe manufacturer is facing criticism from conservatives online after it provided the access code of a person's safe to the FBI.
Donald Trump’s former lawyer, who is charged with trying to overthrow the 2020 presidential election, signed a letter vouching for Thomas’ integrity.
The group of conservatives formally announced they would oppose a clean short-term spending fix, meaning Kevin McCarthy will have an even harder time keeping the government open come fall.
President Biden's son is set to plead guilty to tax crimes and admit illegally owning a gun while a drug user.
Johnson’s departure from political life comes less than four years after he won an 80-seat general election majority