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Les consommateurs canadiens comptent en moyenne dans leur portefeuille ou sur leur téléphone 14 cartes de membre de programmes de fidélité. Parmi tous ceux offerts au pays, Proxi Extra (Harnois Énergies), Chipotle Rewards (restaurants Chipotle) et Club Câlin (Mondou) occupent respectivement les trois premières places du top 10 LoyauT 2023, réalisé par Adviso/R3 Marketing et Léger.
Construction companies across south Florida say the demand for new projects, coupled with a labor shortage, is delaying the completion of homes and increasing prices.
With 31 July deadline fast approaching, former NMA cover star Lee Coates warns advisers to be ready to question clients about their sustainable investment principles.
Supermarket prices rose 0.1% in May, despite declines in prices for dairy, eggs and some other products, according to the latest Consumer Price Index. 
A survey of consumer confidence slipped in May to a six-month low of 102.3, as Americans remained gloomy about the economy and said jobs were getting harder...
Households are cutting back on non-essentials as cost-of-living pressures mount, but some economists say the data won’t stop the RBA from lifting rates again.
U.S. consumer spending increased more than expected in April, boosting the economy's growth prospects for the second quarter, and inflation picked up, which could see the Federal Reserve keeping interest rates higher for some time.
Gold prices turned lower and retraced session gains after U.S. PCE data showed that consumer spending and inflation grew more than expected in April, a sign that the Fed may be reluctant to hit the pause button.