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World news – United States – 5,874 new cases of coronavirus in Ohio, and 76 other deaths: Update Wednesday

Although not a record, the number of cases has increased dramatically compared to recently, when it took three months to reach 50,000 cases...

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World News – UA – How To Watch Tonight’s Vice President’s Debate Online & On TV

The only vice presidential debate for the 2020 election season takes place on Wednesday, pitting incumbent Mike Pence against California Sen Kamala Harris...

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World News – UA – There is another US debate this week Will it be like the first?

The world received a precise reminder of the importance of the US Vice President this week The two people who hope to be...

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World news – ‘Could be three weeks, four weeks’: Donald Trump keeps saying that a coronavirus vaccine is imminent

In a town hall event taking questions from undecided voters, US President Donald Trump defends his handling of the pandemic and says a...