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. . The pandemic has wiped out the businesses of many mink breeders who skinned the animals for fur for decades. . Read more at straitstimes. com.
. . Business - 7. December 2020: On the farm of Knud Vest, an hour's drive west of Copenhagen, there is a deadly silence due to unusual fresh gusts. Rows and rows of cages are empty
. . ALARM BELLS ring about the eradication of millions of 'healthy' mink in Denmark. The death of the fur industry reveals Covid's lingering threat of a scandal in
. . A scandal in Denmark over the government's handling of a mink cull is a cautionary story for the world.
. . The government ordered that more than 100 Dutch producers - with around 800. 000 dams - should close three years earlier by March 2021.
. . BRUSSELS (Sputnik) - The Belgian media reported that H5N5 avian flu was found in the municipality of Menen in the Belgian province of West Flanders.
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