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Clemson kicker Jonathan Weitz, who joined the team this week, makes his first kick and his family celebrates in the crowd.
Dabo Swinney needed a field goal kicker this week in the worst way. So, the Clemson reached out to Jonathan Weitz, who had already retired
Former backup Jonathan Weitz is still enrolled as a Clemson student, pursuing an online master's degree in data science and analytics.
There is a dog in the stands. I repeat. There is a dog in the stands. During Saturday's ACC clash between Clemson and Florida State, Clemson showed off the 'Cub
Tailgaters can expect a few changes as they head to town for Clemson University's first home football game of the season.
I am kind of getting tired of people making comments or writing about who they think Dabo Swinney is, when they do not know who he is. The latest attack on Swinney’s character came after he jokingl…
The Clemson football program has made a significant change this year from a media availability standpoint. Unlike previous years, the team won’t be making its coordinators available to the media af…
Duke football just had a great showing against the Clemson football squad. But, it could be because of Riley Leonard's mom.