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The highly anticipated v1430 update in Fortnite arrived yesterday, and a ton of leaks emerged from it.However, the most interesting aspect of the update was perhaps not a leak at all Instead, it was a new addition to the Season 4 map that few players noticed. Still, these players can surely be forgiven, as the new addition is about as small as it gets. However, the meaning behind the addition is anything but small Galactus finally made his mark in Season 4 ahead of the finale, and it will only get bigger in the next […]
With the League of Legends World Championship already underway, fans are thrilled.The 2020 Worlds will prove to be a massive event this year, and many organizations know it.One of those companies, the League of Legends Pro League (the LPL), is creating the buzz by modifying the real world for this big event The China-based LPL made specific look covers for the logos of all the teams in Shanghai For # Worlds2020, splendid plays and intrigue captivating lines leave the confines of the Rift and make their way to the city itself # Worlds2020 team logos adorn the looks of Nanjing Road […]
A new event is coming to Overwatch commemorate their newest comic, Tracer – London Calling. The new event, Tracer’s Comic Challenge, will feature cosmetic content for Tracer. You can read the comic now and play the new event tomorrow. Tracer’s Comic Challenge Tracer’s Comic Challenge will work similarly to Ana’s Bastet Challenge and Sigma’s Maestro Challenge. You will be able to unlock a new and exclusive skin by winning nine matchmade games. There will also be other cosmetic items to unlock during the event. Generally, Blizzard uses these events to promote Overwatch streamers by giving exclusive items for viewers. Tracer’s Comic […]
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