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Également ce soir : premières de Timeslot des sitcoms Abbott Elementary, American Auto, Grand Crew
Warning: don't continue if you haven't watched Tuesday's Season 5 two-hour premiere of "This Is Us", you are entering major spoiler territory "This Is Us" saved the most shocking surprise of all in the dying seconds of the season 5 premiere - and that's a bit of a game-changer Remember Laurel, Randall's birth mother, we thought we were dead in…
Le créateur de la série, Dan Fogelman, a déclaré aux journalistes la semaine dernière qu'il aurait été "presque irresponsable" de ne pas incorporer le coronavirus et ce qui se passe Lire la suite →
"We're on this journey with them and it sure won't be without incident," Chrissy Metz told PEOPLE about what's to come this season.
Warning: This post contains major spoilers from the This Is Us Season 5 premiere This Is Us Is Not Just Relying On Its
NBC This Is Us Season 5 spoilers reveal Kevin Pearson (Justin Hartley) is going to have to tell everyone Madison (Caitlin Thompson) is pregnant Not only that, but they're expecting twins Hartley shared a sneak peek on Twitter which shows in Pittsburgh Toby Damon (Chris Sullivan) and