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Less than two weeks after the LNP lost the Queensland elections, the party has put its future in the hands of two Davids
The LNP Party Chamber has elected David Chrisafuli as its new leader after Deep Frickington steps down
David Chrisafulli and David Janitsky were elected to lead the National Liberal Party in Queensland after losing the state election Mr Crisafulli was elected
David Chrisafuli and David Janitsky will lead the National Liberal Party in Queensland during the next four years of opposition, a day after it is confirmed that the party has lost two additional seats to the Palaszczuk government
Two Davids will lead the Conservative Queensland Party after the Libyan National Party was defeated in state elections last month
Gold Coast politician rises to the highest position in the National Liberal Party without opposition after a vote by MPs today, with David Janitsky as his deputy