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The action covers airbags made by two companies and used by 12 automakers from 2000 to 2018. The parts were linked to seven injuries and one death.
The Union government had earlier termed the record-duration pilgrimage this year as a “reflection of government’s confidence†in the J&K situation following the reading down of Article 370.
The units manufactured by Gree Electric Appliances are linked to house fires and four deaths. It’s the latest recall for the company, which has faced civil and criminal cases over its dehumidifiers.
A drenching storm dropped several inches of rain in a short time Monday morning in an area of southeastern Missouri, shutting down roads and prompting several water rescues.
Wind-whipped wildfires raced through the Hawaiian island of Maui, forcing evacuations and leading some to flee to the relative safety of the ocean.
A severe food shortage in North Korea threatens to turn into another "Arduous March," a period of mass starvation in the 1990s that claimed millions of lives.