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Biden's candidate for the interior responded with grace to the GOP noise and is confirmed.
. . Howard Marks put it well when he said, rather than worrying about the volatility of the stock price,' the possibility of permanent loss is the risk I fear. . . ...
In Delaware, Biden introduced the "Brilliant", "Qualified" and "Barrier-Busting" groups nominated for key positions
. . The coronavirus disfigured Gallup, a small New Mexico town near Indian reservations that is now one of the hardest hit places in the country.
The 60-year-old congressman will become the first Native American cabinet secretary next month when she takes over the interior
. . ENERGY customers could automatically switch to a cheaper tariff if their current contract ends under an industry shakeup plan.
. . WASHINGTON (AP) - Just after President-Elect Joe Biden's victory last month. . .
. . The House Democrats lost enough seats in this month's elections to have the smallest majority in more than a century.