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Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s on-camera health scare set off a political guessing game in Kentucky about how the Democratic governor will name a replacement if he gets the chance.
The comments mark a turning point in Biden’s reelection campaign, which has largely refrained from attacking the Republican field.
A Wisconsin Senate debate over the state budget grew heated on Wednesday when Democratic state Sen. LaTonya Johnson responded to concerns over rising suburban crime rates with "f— the suburbs." "F— the suburbs because they don’t know a goddamn thing about how life is in the city," Johnson said while speaking about crime in Milwaukee. Republicans […]
Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s proposal had forced the Senate Commerce Committee to postpone a vote on a major aviation policy bill.
Voting rights advocates had feared the decision would undermine the Voting Rights Act, which instead appeared to emerge unscathed.
The House Rules Committee adopted a rule Tuesday to set parameters for debate of the debt limit legislation -- a key hurdle that needed to be cleared before a final House vote can take place Wednesday.
In Kentucky, Republicans are choosing a nominee to take on the popular Democratic governor. In Philadelphia, Democrats are knotted in a crowded primary to lead the influential liberal city.
No more than 38% of Americans are confident in U.S. economic leadership within Congress or the Biden administration.
Here's a list of every member of Congress calling for Clarence Thomas’s removal from the court
Selon le Journaliste Simon Ateba, Elon Musk a révélé au journaliste Tucker Carlson qu’il a « voté pour Joe Biden et non Donald Trump en 2020, mais maintenant il veut juste qu'une "personne normale" avec du "bon sens" dirige l'Amérique ».