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. . The hidden door has opened in Demon's Souls edition. What was behind it? Way to fix the sixth arch? Mysterious blood-borne connection? Is there a hint about the upcoming Bluepoint Games project? Nope, just a bunch of shields. Great armor, sure, but yeah. shield.
. . The secret demon spirit door is solved and we now know what's inside.
. . Over the weekend, Demon’s Souls players discovered a secret door in the new release of PlayStation 5 that did not exist in the original game.. Misuse of photo placement revealed an item outside this door, but no one figured out how to open it yet. A speed runner named Distortion2, however, nearly reached this new territory, only to find himself handicapped by the developers..
. . The Demon's Souls edition on PS5 appears to be hiding a new mystery behind a closed door, and as the community works on how to open it, no one has yet discovered it..
The first thing I did on the PlayStation 5 edition of Demon Souls - after my ass was handed over by the demon Vanguard and sent to Nexus, of course - stop by Blacksmith Boldwin to see if there was a classic very useful glitch in copying that was still a thing unfortunately, it's not like that.
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Publisher Sony Interactive Entertainment, developers Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan Studio, and Bluepoint Games have released new launch announcements and screenshots for Demon '
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