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Le ministère des Anciens Combattants est devenu lundi le premier organisme fédéral majeur à exiger que les travailleurs de la santé se fassent vacciner contre la COVID-19
The US Department of Veterans Affairs announced Monday that it will be the first federal agency to require healthcare workers to be vaccinated against COVID-19 within the next two months. "I'm doing this because it's the best...
. . ENERGY customers could automatically switch to a cheaper tariff if their current contract ends under an industry shakeup plan.
. . WASHINGTON (AP) - Just after President-Elect Joe Biden's victory last month. . .
. . President-elect Joe Biden places great emphasis on personal relationships when selecting his team. Mr. McDonough and wife. Rice both served with the new president in the Obama administration.
. . President-elect Joe Biden has won Susan Rice, the former national security advisor during the Obama administration, as head of the White House Home Affairs Council, his transition team said Thursday.