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JPMorgan va acheter les actifs de First Republic et prendre en charge les dépôts.

JPMorgan Chase & Co will buy most of First Republic Bank's assets in a last-ditch rescue led by U.S. regulators, marking the third...

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La banque First Republic saisie par la FDIC et vendue à JPMorgan.

It's the largest lender to collapse since the 2008 financial crisis — even larger than Silicon Valley Bank, which went under in March.

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Goldman Sachs a trébuché tandis que Bank of America a bondi au premier trimestre.

Two financial giants posted diverging results in the first quarter as turmoil roiled banking and markets

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Le bénéfice de la Bank of America augmente alors que les dépôts diminuent.

The second biggest US lender benefitted from the rise in interest rates over the past year

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Les grandes banques lancent la saison des résultats avec fracas.

First-quarter results from the nation's largest lenders demonstrated why they are better positioned than smaller rivals to withstand recent challenges.

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JPMorgan Chase enregistre un chiffre d’affaires record dépassant les attentes grâce à des taux d’intérêt plus élevés.

The biggest U.S. bank by assets will be watched closely for clues on how the industry fared after the collapse of Silicon Valley...