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RIYADH: Saudi Arabia’s Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman announced the launch of a master plan for the Kingdom’s new Abha International Airport on Thursday. The new Abha airport aims to embody a consistent architectural identity in line with the heritage of the Asir region, transforming it into a prominent landmark in the Kingdom. The terminal area will be expanded to 65,000 square meters, increasing the current terminal area of 10,500 square meters by six times. The first phase of the expansion is due to be completed by 2028.
In this report, a comprehensive analysis of the current global OTC Consumer Healthcare market is provided in terms of the demand and supply environment, as well as current and future price developments over the next few years.
. . The Clay Market report shows an accurate breakdown of the industry based on type, applications, and research. The development methodologies in which these organizations engage are research in detail . . .