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The death toll from floods and landslides in India rose to at least 159 last night, while nine people died when giant boulders ricocheted down a mountain and hit them.
To give an indication of the growing importance that cellular fixed wireless access plays in operator strategies, the Global Mobile Equipment Suppliers Association (GSA) has formed a new FWA Support Group 4G / 5G
Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte ordered government agencies to speed up relief efforts after a powerful hurricane killed at least seven people and unleashed it.
Bernard Tomic is not worried about not modeling on the tennis court for too long - the punk boy is busy with his new flair
Cyclone Famco gathered winds of up to 155 km per hour as it erupted across the capital, killing lives and leaving residents stranded.
After two weeks of saying he is unlikely to enjoy the prospect, David Noble is actively working with North Melbourne as they search for a great new coach.
At least three people have been killed and nearly 200,000 evacuated from vulnerable coastal and low-lying areas due to high winds that knock down trees and power lines.
Authorities evacuate nearly one million people in southern part of Philippines' main island, Luzon, as Category 5 storm - the world's strongest this year - hits land
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