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Mattel says it wants children to see themselves in Barbie and also play with dolls who do not look like them.
Firm partnered with US charity and medical experts to create part of ‘most diverse and inclusive doll line’
A controversial upcoming act in Emmerdale in which Laurel Thomas and Jai Sharma terminate their pregnancy after finding out their unborn child has Down syndrome has hit the soap with a large number of Ofcom ailments
Trading volumes on retail platforms skyrocketed after the first successful data from a large-scale clinical trial for a coronavirus vaccine caused an infection.
The former ballerina with dementia was portrayed in a movie being taken to a show she gave decades ago, as she recalls
Investors trying to make money from today's market rally were disappointed after some major trading platforms crashed due to massive demand.
Presidents in Emmerdale stood beside a controversial upcoming scheme seeing Laurel Thomas and Jai Sharma end their pregnancy after discovering their unborn child had Down syndrome.