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Britishvolt is building Great Britain's first giant battery factory in the north of England.
Families with more than one child in childcare will save thousands of dollars annually and increase childcare by $ 1.7 billion in the federal budget next week.
US Department of Energy Geothermal Competitions Heat Up: New Lithium Extraction Award & Teams Make Progress on Manufacturing Price In Virtual Tour, Department of Energy recognizes Iron Mountain data centers for energy efficiency leadership through Better...
Scientists are testing our basic understanding of the universe, and there is much more to discover.
A new estimate of the strength of the magnetic field around the muon - a subatomic particle similar to but heavier than an electron - bridges the gap between theoretical and experimental measurements, bringing it in line with the Standard Model that has guided particles in physics for decades .
. . After a rigorous testing and evaluation process, the New Zealand police selected the Škoda Superb as the new frontline police car. The more. . .
Up to 100 people can gather at the Sydney War Memorial today as the New South Wales government temporarily relaxes restrictions on Memorial Day remembrance Go live
The South Australian government would strip the dubious honor of becoming the world's only jurisdiction to actively discourage buying
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