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Stop us if you've heard this (many times), Grey's Anatomy fans, but ... the doctor is out.
devient la troisième série régulière à quitter le drame médical ABC à sa 17e saison. Greg Germann, le diplômé d'Ally McBeal qui a joué le Dr Thomas Koracick pendant quatre saisons, quittera le drame médical créé par...
Firearms exhibited at Legendary Guns in Phoenix in 2018. The FBI processed a record 39.7 million background checks of firearms last year, prompting health professionals to ask for more security clarifications to prevent injury or death. (File...
Tom Koracick, who was devastated by COVID-19, says he needs to get over Teddy and wipe the slate of the destruction he has seen lately as the promise of reconciliation with Owen is undone
Kevin Durant has strong opinions on Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson