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World-renowned Kenyan conservationist and fossil hunter Richard Leakey, whose groundbreaking discoveries helped prove that humanity evolved in Africa, died on Sunday at the age of 77, the country's president said.
Les animaux et une plante avaient été répertoriés comme espèces menacées. Leurs histoires contiennent des leçons sur une crise mondiale croissante de la biodiversité. Le pic à bec d'ivoire, que les ornithologues amateurs ont recherché dans les bayous...
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A 24-year-old Delaware tourist was killed over the weekend in Puerto Rico after allegedly buying drugs in a coastal shantytown. Tariq Loat and a friend, James Jackson, were in La Perla on Saturday attacked after the...
The federal government is not required to disclose draft documents informing its conclusions about the damage an EPA ruling would do to endangered plants and animals, the Supreme Court ruled today.