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"As long as the fundamental principles are upheld, all work will fall in place," Chinese President Xi Jinping, also general secretary of the CPC Central Committee, said at the launch meeting of a campaign on Party history learning and education in February 2021, stressing the importance of upholding the authority and the centralized, unified leadership of the CPC Central Committee.
A Texas man had an engineering job lined up, but then an opportunity came knocking from across the globe. Mason Cox tells Jon Wertheim how he became an unlikely Australian rules football star.
Le Directeur général des Adc, Thomas Owoma Assoumou, est attendu pour s’expliquer devant les officiers de la Police judiciaire, en raison d’un litige qui l’opposerait au patron de la société civile immobilière dénommée « Christ Buildings Btp ». Bien...