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Anthony Fauci and Rochelle Walensky will be interviewed by senators Tuesday morning about the Biden government's response to the spreading omicron variant.
Le sénateur Rand Paul a appelé jeudi le conseiller médical en chef de la Maison Blanche, le Dr Anthony Fauci, à démissionner.
California will add Covid-19 vaccination to those required for personal school attendance, Governor Gavin Newsom announced Friday morning in San Francisco.
An international study found that more than 20,000 years ago a coronavirus epidemic broke out in the region of East Asia, the traces of which can be seen in the genetic makeup of the people from this region.
The letter, signed by organizations from 22 states and union territories, urged Modi to remove "barriers" to vaccine production through Modi such as renouncing intellectual property rights.
L'État de New York adoptera les nouvelles directives du CDC sur les masques pour les personnes entièrement vaccinées à partir de mercredi, a déclaré lundi le gouverneur Andrew Cuomo.
Fauci backed up against Senator Rand Paul's claim that people are not at risk for Covid after recovering from infection or having been vaccinated.
Biden's government is pushing for schools to be reopened, an issue linked to reopening the economy and returning to normal life.
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