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Bray Wyatt, catcheur star de la WWE, est décédé à 36 ans suite à une crise cardiaque. Il avait remporté tous les titres majeurs au sein de l'organisation. De nombreuses légendes lui ont rendu hommage sur les réseaux sociaux.
Eric Bischoff believes that Cody Rhodes' defeat to Roman Reigns on the second night of WrestleMania 39 was the right call if WWE have a plan.
With WWE and UFC merging, crossover potential is a serious talking point. But if Conor McGregor were to try his hand at WWE, could he hang with Roman Reigns?
Eric Bischoff was excited to see what would happen in WWE after WrestleMania 39, but was left worried after Cody Rhodes' surprising loss against ROman Reigns.
Accueil » Actualités » Nouvelles de la WWE, rumeurs et spoilers de la WWE » Eric Bischoff dit que Stephanie McMahon voulait qu'il se teigne à nouveau les cheveux en noir lorsqu'il a rejoint la WWE Eric Bischoff...
Nick Gage certainly had an eventful debut in AEW. He was the 2nd worker from Jericho and created one of the most notable accidental product placement moments in wrestling history. Gage appeared on Sean Waltman's podcast, Pro...
Paul Heyman spoke to Esquire Middle East this week ahead of the last Roman Reigns championship [...]