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Emailed bomb threats sent to schools and kindergartens across the three Baltic nations this week led to the cancellation of classes across the region.
The takeover, the biggest of its kind in the history of gaming, has been approved by UK regulators.
California is now the first state to ban four chemicals used in well-known candies and other foods and drinks because of their link to certain health problems.
Secretary of Defense Lloyd J. Austin III thanked Mozambique President Filipe Nyusi for his leadership in promoting the role of women in security during an enhanced honor cordon and meeting at the
"Oh, Crimea is not Russia? Nice," said one commenter of a post by a Russian embassy that showed a map with Crimea not included within Russia's borders.
Singer’s big hit, stuffed with cliches about Italian life, was irresistible to millions as far away as Russia and Georgia
La ville autonome espagnole située au nord du Maroc possède un “précieux catalogue” de bâtiments modernistes. Mais la négligence politique, les intérêts immobil...
Spain to vote in national election that could move the country right, Russian strike damages historic cathedral in Odessa, and more