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Unable to secure visas for his family from Venezuela, Alvarado savored a visit from his brother, who told him “everyone is so proud of you.â€
The Whole Earth will witness the Super Blue Moon 2023 on the night of 30th and 31st August 2023. You should know that Super Blue Moon occurs when the Red
A judge has sentenced Mark Ridley-Thomas, once a towering figure in L.A. politics, to 42 months in prison, marking a shameful final chapter in his career.
A Kelowna couple have won their small claims case against Air Canada after a flight delay stranded them and three family members in Vancouver for two days en route to Egypt.
Rev. Mark Beard was killed in a car crash on Wednesday, August 2 according to the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge.
A series of explosions at the Dow Chemical facility in Iberville Parish shook homes several miles away Friday evening, July 14.
While International Kissing Day primarily focuses on romantic relationships, it also emphasizes the significance of platonic affection. It encourages people to show appreciation and affection to family members, friends, and loved ones through a hug, a peck on the cheek, or a friendly kiss on the forehead.
Pinkvilla has exclusively learnt that Varun Tej and Lavanya are getting engaged in the second week of June in presence of their close friends and family members.