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Video of the photogenic tornado was captured at around 7 pm CDT, southeast of town. The tornado was on the ground for about 5-10 minutes!
The House passed a bill Wednesday night to suspend the debt limit past the 2024 elections, sending the measure to the Senate.
Morgan Stanley's board has narrowed its CEO search to three "very strong" internal candidates to succeed Gorman, the chief said.
Several banks have been exposed by surging interest rates, and there would have been catastrophic fallout if regulators failed to act, Tisch said.
The second biggest US lender benefitted from the rise in interest rates over the past year
First-quarter results from the nation's largest lenders demonstrated why they are better positioned than smaller rivals to withstand recent challenges.
Britain's poorest households face £ 3 billion ($ 4.1 billion) of pressure on living standards in April if their benefits rise by half the expected inflation rate, the Institute for Fiscal Studies said.
Chinese real estate developers with liquidity problems are in "deep trouble," says a Chinese economist.
Ailing Chinese property developer Evergrande ceased trading in Hong Kong on Monday as the highly indebted company grappled with an ongoing property crisis.