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. The locations on the Discovery Islands include Mowi, Cermaq, Grieg, and two unnamed smaller companies. According to DFO, this is the "traditional territory of several First Nations groups".
. . The federal government has announced that it is phasing out fish farms along a major wild salmon migration route in British Columbia's waters within the next 18 months. Fisheries Minister Bernadette Jordan says 19 . . .
. . The Canadian government will phase out 19 fish farms on the Discovery Islands off Canada's west coast in order to stem the decade-long decline in wild salmon fish stocks. Wild salmon come in from the Pacific Ocean and pass through the waters around the Discovery Islands
. . The Federal Minister of Fisheries said 19 fish farms around the Discovery Islands near Campbell River, B. . C, no licenses will be issued after 2022.
. . The farm boss says, "Unfortunately, salmon that have escaped usually don't last long".
. . Fifty thousand farmed fish are swimming free after a fire melted their pen off the Tasmanian coast. Their flirtation with freedom will probably be short, however - like "what the seals can't get, the fisherman does quickly," says the company founder.
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